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Welcome to Olivia Rhain Home!

Sharing with you first, our beliefs and goals…

First things first. We’re super happy to see you here. Consider yourself an insider from here-on-out.

We believe that making a house a home starts with yourself. To make it really feel like home it must reflect you, in all your uniqueness, and we’re here to help you find that and translate it into your space!

Our goal is to help you curate your comfort, by design and decor, through shopping with a company you can trust. We believe in thoughtful research before purchase, and quality over quantity. We recognize that you value the pieces you invest in to make your house your home.

Whether you’re a classic window-shopper, impulse-buyer, the research and review type, or just looking to spice up your current living space – we’re simply excited to see you here.

Meet the Family

We’re a Canadian family pursuing the passion of staying in! We truly cherish the moments in a home; time spent with family, friends and our favourite – Home Design.

When the two of us, Dan and I, were talking about starting a business, we agreed that we have a passion for the art of staying in. The beauty of waking up to a home that is so true to you, you never want to leave! The ultimate level of comfort. Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, having an urge to entertain at any given moment because you love bringing together the people who bring you comfort also. Curation of home comfort by design and atmosphere is our passion! 

Hi, I’m Olivia! (Down in front!) I run the digital marketing side of things here at Olivia Rhain. I love this business because it gives me the freedom to be creative and work from home with my fur-baby Ruckus. That and who doesn’t love researching home trends on Pinterest?  

➡️ On the right is Dan, that’s my Dad; the Co-Founder and CEO. He’s the left-side of the business brain. A great logistical thinker and the funniest man I know! He’s the big ideas man around here, the bigger the goal the better!⁠ Which means exciting developments are on the horizon – at all times.

Join us in the journey of turning your home into your happy place and curating your own version of comfort – whatever that looks like to you. 

Olivia Rhain Home
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