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Sage + Eucalyptus Bundle

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Saging or ‘smudging’ is an ancient practice that dates back to traditional cultures. Smudging is the essential practice of cleansing/purifying your energy or aura with a bundle of dried herb such as sage. The belief is that we pick up energy that isn’t necessarily our own throughout our interactions in a day and by practicing smudging you are clearing away any energy that isn’t benevolent to your own. Beyond beliefs, there is science backing this phenomenon as we know now that we have subtle fields of energy around us. 

Metaphysical Qualities: 

Sage is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. This is through a process known as transmuting (def// to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form), often used in alchemy and science.

How to Use:

Always use a burn bowl under your sage

Saging can be done anytime you feel moved to use it. Here are our go-to sage uses:

  • Your aura or energy
    • Cleanse your aura before/after going into public. 
    • Perhaps chaotic spaces like the mall or busy attractions 
    • Perfect for holiday shopping
  • Your space
    • Cleanse your new home or office space.
    • Anywhere that you are going to spend significant time 
    • Got that spooky feeling in your new-old house? Sage it.
  • Your mind/busy brain
    • Catching yourself in a negative thought pattern? Make the conscious choice to stop it in its tracks and transmute it into a belief that serves your best self
  • White Sage – clears negative energies
  • Eucalyptus – decreases stress and relieves congestion
  • Pairs well with Selenite
  • *Bundles Sold Individually*


Selenite Kingdom

Specification: Sage + Eucalyptus Bundle

Weight 1 lbs
Sage + Eucalyptus Bundle
Sage + Eucalyptus Bundle

$11.61 $5.80

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