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Interior Trends of 2022: The Do’s and Don’ts

Deep breath in, deep breath out…

The 2022 Trends are in!

Amongst the multitude of dizzying side affects that 2021 had brought along we are seeing some major design and decor trends that are rooted in the uprooting of our regular lives. Things like minimalism and the all-white theme seem to have lost their edge in a world where people are dying to express themselves and seek comfort in every corner of their house. Of all the incoming information about trends for 2022, there were 2 stand out statements that felt equal across the board:

1. A need for privacy was born from weeks on end spent cooped up in homes
2. Personal expression is emerging from the depths of an endless white home, not to say it wasn’t great, but now humans are looking for comfort and layers of textured, personal goods to fill out their space. Ones that truly represent the new sense of self we’ve all come to find from this mess.

There has been a rise in separating spaces with dividers and walls, but with these room separations they are being converted into Multi-functional spaces where you can go to be, breathe, create, or even rage!

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