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Interior Trends of 2022: The Do’s and Don’ts

Amongst the multitude of dizzying side effects that 2021 has brought along, we are seeing some major design and decor trends that are rooted in the uprooting of our regular lives. Things like minimalism and the all-white theme seem to have lost their edge in a world where people are dying to express themselves and seek comfort (and privacy) in every corner of their house. Of all the articles read and information found about trends for 2022, there were major 3 driving forces to the trends we will be seeing:

  1. Personal expression
  2. Reconnection with the natural world
  3. A need for privacy 

So what kind of interior trends will be taking center stage? Let’s take a look…


maximalist interior design

(Image source via Pinterest)

Minimalism move over, personal expression has made its way back into town in a big way. This style has its roots in aristocratic wealth and grandeur; a long time ago maximalism was the way to display ones personal abundance. In modern-day, however, it’s not so much for showing off as it is for expressing oneself to the fullest. People have had the time at home to take a loooong look at their space – this increase in time spent at home not only gave a push towards a need for privacy, but also for more displays of personal expression. The last two years were a period where we weren’t outwardly connected like we used to be, and that has given the space to connect to ourselves – to go inward. We had the time to really answer the questions – “What makes you tick?” “What do you like to see and feel?” “How can you create your space to be the most conducive to you?”

Now is the time to create a space that truly represents the new sense of self we’ve all come to find from this mess. 

With this trend we see a lot more meaningful memorabilia on display, but not just put somewhere, it is placed with intention. A mix mash of statement pieces, bold colours and no-holds-barred! Layers play a big part in this too, bringing depth and interest to all corners of one’s house. A way you can avoid the more chaotic side of this trend is meaningful cohesion of a colour scheme throughout a room but in varying shades and textures to tie it all together. That or having a subtle theme so that it all makes sense to a fresh set of eyes.  I mean come on, we’re all dying to host again so yeah, we’re gonna take a lot of pride in our space, and this trend is full of items with meaning, making for great conversation starters!) 

Our Suggestions:

Biophilic Design + Outdoor Spaces


biophilic bedroom design

(Image source via Pinterest)

Biophilia literally translates to ‘Love of Life’, reminding us of our innate connection to mother earth and the natural world. This movement back towards our origins  has really become more prominent in todays age. Our need to reconnect to the planet is increasingly apparent, whether its in form of fixing the mess we’ve made with unsustainable habits or the draw of grounding down into ourselves after worldwide, life-changing events. As we reconnect our roots again, we will see homes with an increase of indoor plants put on display, raw earthy textures and primarily natural materials.

If you’re looking for a simple way to implement more plants in your space but don’t have the floor space anymore – try risers and plant stands to bring depth to display, this will feel much lighter overall, and oh-so natural. As well we’re starting to see a lot of natural colour and prints making their way inside; varying shades of greens and big bold leaves paired with natural wood tones and plants galore make for a very comforting space. With this ‘rooting down’, another trend we’ve seen emerge is taking greater pride in your outdoor spaces; making a cozier nook in the backyard or deck due to the innate need to spend more time outside. 

Our Suggestions:

Sustainability meets Ancient Influence

interior design sustainable living conscious living canada bc


(Image source via Pinterest)

Again, tapping into our roots and connection to nature, this trend is influenced by age-old effortless textures, planters and soft shades, paired with the intense need to create sustainable ways of living, the only way forward on this planet. Think about a dreamy mediterranean scene; plant life, natural materials, low profile furniture, the lemon tree in a larger than life clay pot, with massive windows and breezy lightweight curtains billowing in the wind (I’m getting carried away with this one – I am partial to this design style, especially on Pinterest!).

The way this will translate into our homes will be geared towards finding quality products that make everyday living more sustainable. That and also buying products that are made from sustainable materials, such as Mango Wood, Acacia Wood, Cane and materials like jute and rattan! In getting more sustainable with what’s in your home, you will naturally find that it is paralleling ancient times where simplicity and sustainability were the only options! If you are a fan of the breezy and bright home vibe then you will love this trend.

Fast Facts: Mango wood is abundant and found all over the world, it grows quickly (like, 15 years vs the traditional trees 100 years to reach maturity), it has a growth lifespan for producing fruit so it is normally discarded after a certain point anyways to be composted, it’s also more affordable to buy and build with! 

Our Suggestions:

So there you have it – these are our favourite findings for interior design trends of 2022!

If you aren’t looking to make drastic changes to your whole interior, there are various ways of bringing more comfort into your space. Enhancing your atmosphere can be as simple as incorporating these 4 major tips into your own home:

1 – Express yourself! It’s your home – display what brings you joy, not what should bring you joy. The best thing you can do is to remember that you live in your home, it’s not a showroom so no – it does not need to look just like Pinterest!

2 – Comfy tactiles – blankets, cushions, and rugs are staples in the cozy department. Try sticking to a colour or pattern with these three to naturally tie your room together. 

3 – Warm lighting – this is essential for a cozy warm space. If you like to change up your lighting for different stages of your day, try low-energy lightbulbs that connect to your phone! This way you can set the mood to your standard at any time. 


Contributed by: Olivia Rhain – Interior Designer and Foremost expert in design for your home.

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