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How to Pick Home Decor Gifts for Housewarming

Finding the perfect gift for your friend’s new abode can be tricky! You don’t want to insert your design style into their home if the new homeowner is picky about their design, but you also don’t want your gift to seem impersonal. The good news is that we have some tactics for you to follow when choosing a home decor gift for a housewarming, that can ensure it will be well received and super appreciated, no matter the type of homeowner and your relationship with them!

Evaluate how well you know them and their style

Bath mats white and natural colours waffle weave texture for housewarming gift

Humans are incredibly unique; this is true regarding their style, their level of comfort when it comes to control, boundaries – you name it! And all these factors come into play when considering what to get your friend for a housewarming gift. We recommend that you evaluate how close you are to said person first and foremost. If it’s someone you know really well then your options are a little easier to play with as you will know how well certain gifts will be received.

Next, you are going to want to think back and see if they love to do their own decorating – if they are really particular with what they display in their home, you may be better off avoiding decorative items that would be on display at all times. If they enjoy quirky items and memorabilia then you are safe in buying something that will bring them a smile whenever they see it, but even with this option make sure that it isn’t the focus of their overall room design. They are going to be excited to play house and decorate their brand new space! Go for a smaller accent item that is lowkey enough to be a complementary item rather than a centerpiece.

Ideas: Fun signs for the man cave, luxury bathmats that set the self-care mood, or even a textured glass vase to let the light dance through will bring just the right amount of beauty into their home.

Usable and Practical vs. Decorative and Display

handblown glass textured wine glass for housewarming gift

Another option that will leave out the stress of the first point mentioned above, is to go for an item that is practical and serves a purpose. Even better would be to go for an item that they perhaps would not buy for themselves, something that they will be proud to bring out when it comes time to host in their new home! This can be things like fancy glassware, a standout serving dish or even an idyllic 6-wick candle! (The kind that you wouldn’t normally justify buying for yourself but would add luxury to ones space) If the homeowner(s) are passionate plant parents cute pots or stands are always a good gift idea also! There are never enough cute pots for a plant lover’s house!

Gift Cards + a Little Celebratory Drink!

Gift card olivia rhain home for housewarming gift

In the case that you aren’t that close with the new homeowner or don’t know what they would prefer, giving someone the gift of choice via a gift card is always welcomed. Especially after emptying the bank to buy a new home! This can be a well-appreciated route to take if the homeowners are keen to decorate but are low on funds or if they are picky with their decor. I know when my partner and I moved across Canada to our Kelowna home, the most welcomed gifts were local wines and gift cards so that we could celebrate with the welcome party who helped us move in (plus unwind after the ridiculously long drive) and then have a fun time shopping for items to complete our vision! This way you don’t need to arrive empty-handed but also are gifting a little more than a night of drinks, but the funds to continue their journey in their self-expression!

Now that you have some strong deciding factors to consider, do you feel more equipped to get them the right gift? The nice thing is that the gifts will always be less important than the memories that the homeowners get to make with you in their new home! They will be happy just to have you there and create their dream home out of their new space.


Contributed by: Olivia Rhain – Designer, Interior Enthusiast, Creative and foremost expert in styling your home.

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