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An easy guide to duvet weight and fill types!

Summer, All Season, Winter, Regular?
What about Down, Feather or Gel Microfiber Alternative?

What exactly do all these classifications mean?

Before we get into the comparisons about classifications, there are some standard features that you can look forward to with Canadian Down and Feather bedding items.


  1. All items/inserts are hypoallergenic – the feather and down bedding items are made with anti-microbial properties, and as for the gel microfiber alternatives, they too are  naturally hypoallergenic due to their manufactured nature.
  2. All duvets have corner ties – don’t you hate when your duvet insert ends up at the bottom of the bed and you’re left sleeping with two thin slips of cover? Not to worry, that’s not a problem with our handy corner ties. 
  3. All duvets and feather/poly beds have baffle box construction – this is to ensure that the fill stays where it’s meant to be, for a wonderfully symmetrical sleep. 
  4. High thread counts – all the items have high thread counts with a tight weave, to ensure your fill stays inside the bedding – no feather pokes please!

All of these are wonderful selling features but what about the deciding factors that really can boggle the brain?


Let’s start out with the difference in fill – no down and feather aren’t the same! 

10 points if you already knew that, but if you didn’t know it that’s okay, most people don’t realize there is a distinctive difference in feather and down. 

Down Fill

Down is the quill-less fluffy undercoat of ducks and geese, the stuff that’s great for their insulation. Down is commonly used alongside terms like ‘loft’. Loft is the measurement of down to cubic inch – the more loft, the more insulated and warm your sleep will feel.

Feather Fill

Feathers are the outer coating, with quills for some structure for flight reasons. Feather is also more likely to flatten faster than down, but that shouldn’t deter you from feather. Some prefer a ‘flatter’ sleep anyhow, especially when it comes to your pillows.

Gel Microfiber Down Alternative

Now let’s tie in Gel Microfiber! What exactly is it? Gel Microfiber is a fantastic alternative if you prefer not to go with your typical goose or duck feather/down filling. It’s made out of technically advanced microscopic synthetic fibers, giving a lofty down-like feel, with all the luxuries of a manufactured, easy-to-clean alternative. The gel alternative fill offers a flat yet supportive structure in pillows like feather, and it also comes equipped with all the same Hypoallergenic properties that the other two have as well, so there’s no loss in functionality.

Here’s a visual comparison, for your visual people out there. Courtesy of Canadian Down and Feather Co. 

Each fill type is perfect for someone, it’s usually a matter of personal preference when it comes to deciding on your fill type. 


This is just a quick breakdown in chart format, for easy understanding of the differences in weights and when to use them!

This graph is based on our bedding selection by Canadian Down and Feather, and their suggestions.
If you would like to read a more in depth version of what has been talked about here – check out Canadian Down and Feather Co’s blog post that goes into further detail and brings up several other factors that you may want to consider when making your decision!

I hope this gives you a nice, basic understanding of what’s available to you, and what to look for in your next purchase!


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Contributed by: Olivia Rhain – Decorator and Interior Designer. Foremost expert in home decor and design trends.

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