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About Us

Hi, it's so nice to meet you.

We're Olivia Rhain Home

a family-owned small business, specializing in unique home goods for your self-expression.


We curate collections of intentional decor and furniture for home enthusiasts.

Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-implement trending styles and decor that will reflect your unique personality in your home. We aim to help you love your home so much – you’ll never want to leave. 


Through supporting Canadian suppliers and creators of all kinds, we have curated a unique, individualized, and distinctive selection of goods. Explore the variety of influences in our collections and know that with each purchase, you are supporting both the local community and the small communities we source from. 

Our Values


To stay curious, driven to improve our existing selections and systems, our eye for design and to continue thinking outside the box for what we get to offer you. 


To focus on quality over quantity. We believe that quality products should last a lifetime, they should feel right when you hold them and exceed expectations. This extends also to the quality of interactions we have with you. 


To build up our community through exciting collaborations, an all-inclusive effort to strengthen those who are in our immediate surroundings. Community is the way forward. 


To always show up rooted deeply in authenticity. To incorporate ways of living that we align with in our messaging. To hold us to our core values, to maintain our small family business vibe – as that is who we are.


To cultivate collections of items that move you to breathe life into your home and express your unique self. In shopping with Olivia Rhain Home you shall see your inner beauty reflected in your home as a divine expression of self.

Our promise

We help you curate your comfort, encourage self-expression and bring trending home decor to you

Our products are for people who are passionate about self-expression in their home, we focus our efforts towards those who want quality-made, intentional décor and furnishings. We promise that by shopping with Olivia Rhain Home, we will help you curate your comfort.

Olivia Rhain Home
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